Exhibit: "(un)Wrapt: New Arts Research by Creative Campus Fellows"

The research projects on display include

  • “Internal,” a project by senior music composition major Jared Tubbs that sonifies the human body through the use of biofeedback devices.
  • “Mixed Reality,” a collaboration between dancer/choreographers Alex Mannings, a senior majoring in dance and physics, and Alexia Acebo, a senior majoring in dance and psychology, that explores the process of choreographing dance for 360-degree video.
  • “C(art)ographic Conjunctions,” a study of individuals’ place on campus by doctoral student Maureen Flint.
  • “Artifacts of Social Cohesion,” a sculpture, created by senior interdisciplinary studies major Nick Jackson, that creates an immersive experience with both the physical structure of the piece and the inscriptions carved into its surface.